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Lamatic.ai raises pre-seed round to build the future of GenAI development

Announcing our Pre-Seed Raise | Product & Vision | Early Access

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⛳︎ Our big announcements: 

  1. Lamatic.ai has raised its Pre-Seed round to build the world’s first fully managed No Code GenAI integration platform.

  2. Public-facing beta launching soon ( with Onboarding, VectorDB, 3 integrations and 7 Models ) … join Lamatic.ai's waitlist for early access.

  3. Need it sooner? We can accommodate a limited number of pre-release onboardings. Let’s talk.


It’s been a year since we formed our company. Our original mission was to answer one of the world’s most frequently asked questions: “What’s for dinner?” … so families could have an easier time connecting around the dinner table more often.

Our Motivation:
At our core, we love building things that improve people’s lives.

Our vision was to create something the whole family would have fun using - swiping likes & dislikes to create the perfect dinner “playlist”. Think Tinder meets Spotify. In addition, we wanted to automate the task of creating grocery lists, eliminate the need to go to the grocery store and build a supportive community that shared - recipes, tips, stories and causes.

Under the hood, we knew the only practical way to achieve this vision was to power it all with AI. So today, when you open up Dinnerfy, everything you see and experience in the app is curated by an assortment of AI-powered systems and models. Every food image is AI-generated. Every recipe was either created or curated by AI. The dinner feed recommendations and sequencing all use AI. In total, Dinnerfy has 3 different AI subsystems and it uses 3 LLMs from 3 different vendors.

We are so grateful to the thousands of people who’ve embraced Dinnerfy and we’re super excited to see this community continue to grow. If you’re interested in becoming a part of it, it’s easy and free to join .👇🏻


While Dinnerfy is a very simple app, it was surprisingly challenging to build. Collectively, our team has been building AI systems for nearly a decade. But as we sprinted to execute our product vision, it remained frustratingly time-consuming for our experienced Dev team to build the plumbing required to make Dinnerfy deliver the right content quickly and reliably.

Much of the work was foundational and would’ve been required regardless of the application we were building on top of it. Things like …

  1. Connecting, vectorizing and indexing data sources

  2. Connecting and testing different large language models

  3. Developing prompt management middleware

  4. Developing async request & response middleware

  5. Coding the API needed to inject AI results into the app

  6. Keeping up with and implementing a steady stream of updates

As we worked to make our application easier to maintain and optimize, an idea began to form.

We Wondered …

Do other product teams want a managed GenAI platform as much as we do?

We decided to find out. Our first call was to a CTO we knew who was running a SaaS business that made extensive use of AI. While the call ran 90 minutes, it was instantly clear that he wanted what we were describing even more than we did! Three weeks of validation netted us 5 paid subscriptions - for a product that didn’t even exist yet. 🤩

In addition to finding customers willing to pay us before we even had a product, we saw a few other promising signs:

  • There was consensus on the problem to be solved

  • People were spending a lot of time & money to solve the issue

  • The platform would clearly be both integral and sticky (suggesting high lifetime value)

  • Investor interest was strong

Needless to say, this early validation made our decision to pivot almost an afterthought. Much bigger than whether to pivot was “What should we call it?” and “How should we finance it?” Deciding on the name Lamatic.ai took us 2 days. Assembling a group of smart investors who believed in our vision and getting the money into the bank took 60 🌪️

Why did you call it “Lamatic.ai”?

Lamatic.ai combines “Lama” (pop lingo for LLMs) with “matic” (as in automatic). Not only did we love the idea of combining these two concepts in our name, we also like the way it alludes to the fields of mathematic and mechanics - both of which are fundamental to the performance of GenAI systems. Finally, we include .ai in our name to make clear our area of expertise and the business we’re in.

Vision and Mission

GenAI is evolving incredibly quickly and there’s nothing to suggest it will slow down any time soon. Its adoption has been faster than other foundational technologies (like blockchain and VR) because of its broader applicability and faster payback. The volume of AI hype right now illustrates just how strongly the world believes that GenAI will deliver game-changing benefits for businesses across the spectrum of industries.

However, doing GenAI is not easy and keeping up may be even harder. At least 3 new models and around 400 published research papers are released each month. Each release might offer a critical enhancement to your application. Divert your attention for even a month and your application could fall behind or even break. Ensuring performance, quality, security and ongoing optimization should be at core of any company’s plan to create GenAI products.

You need a strategy for keeping these systems current and for continuously optimizing them. Big companies are told to create a dedicated “GenAI Platform Team” with this as its sole responsibility. But for smaller companies this isn’t just impractical, with a managed GenAI platform like Lamatic.ai available, it will also be dumb.

While there are other options available that can be used to address these challenges (like Langchain and lamaindex), they are designed to serve those that are already skilled GenAI developers. CTOs that abdicate responsibility for how this infrastructure gets built will find themselves saddled with an array of implementations and a ton of agility-killing technical debt.

Speed and agility are enhanced when foundational capabilities are integrated into the operating system. Much like the WordPress and Shopify ecosystems accelerated value delivery in website publishing and ecommerce, Lamatic.ai is doing the same for GenAI.

★ Our North Star : To Support Cutting Edge AI Applications with Elegant Simplicity

  1. Abstract away GenAI engineering complexities with a No Code interface

  2. Support GenAI applications end-to-end (Build - Deploy - Observe)

  3. Eliminate overhead and complexity with a Fully Managed Solution

  4. Deliver value with an ecosystem of Models, Apps, Templates and Partners

  5. Support and secure proprietary customer assets


Lamatic.ai is a fully managed end-to-end collaborative GenAI development platform. This means it delivers everything you need - both now and ongoing. Our powerfully simple platform gives you access to the latest AI capabilities by making them easy-to-use product features.

Core Features 

  1. Model Connectors

    ”Better than native” access to public models. Easily distribute your own models.

  2. Agent Workflow

    Design custom agents to perform complex tasks - with or without code.

  3. Data Connectors

    Ingest and automate data sync from multiple sources.

  4. Integrations

    Cross-connect your app with others to power limitless use cases.

  5. Templates

    Accelerate adoption and value creation with proven templates.

  6. DevTools

    GraphQL API and SDK for seamless developer experience and app integration.

Lamatic.ai allows teams to add GenAI to products without changing the Product Roadmap. Launch features or entire apps in 5-10 days (instead of 3-4 months) while also eliminating development and ongoing maintenance costs. Its UI-based approach means configurations can be changed easily by business users - enabling much faster iteration and driving greater adoption. Lamatic.ai not only makes it easier and faster to build GenAI apps, it also ensures reliable world-class performance.


Our team combines seasoned and complementary founders with young blooded engineers. Charles Whiteman, the business brains has scaled Divers Direct to the world’s largest SCUBA retailer and helped guide MotionPoint to a 70M exit. Aman Sharma, the tech half, has built and scaled 3 tech startups and an assortment of AI products used by millions. Our first two engineers, Naman and Vansh joined the team as interns on the Dinnerfy build and were key contributors to Lamatic.ai’s foundation. Arun and Maruthi joined later to turbo charge our nimble team that’s laser-focused on delivering Lamatic.ai’s product vision fast.

Shameless Plug - if you’re interested in joining our rockstar team, Apply Here.

The Future

As we commit to bringing you the world’s best GenAI integration platform, we know we’re going to need your help - to encourage us, to guide us, and to help us share the Lamatic.ai story with the world. Soon we’ll launch our redesigned website and we can’t wait for you to see it. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Sneak Peak of product and landing page.

Soon after our new website, we’ll release the first public-facing version of Lamatic.ai. While it’ll be a major step toward the No Code interface we envision, there will be plenty left to do. Your feedback will be key in helping us sequence this work.

Coming Soon! The features we’re most excited about in our upcoming release: 

  1. End to End onboarding

  2. GraphQL API

  3. Managed VectorDB

  4. Integration with Google Drive, Slack, Whatsapp

  5. Availability to 7 Models ( 5 Text + 2 Images )

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